60th Anniversary of the Festival of Britain,
Southbank Centre, London 2011

Invited by the South Bank Centre to convene "Land", as part of the 60th Anniversary celebrations of the Festival of Britain, Clare Cumberlidge curated a series of artists and designers commissions, a contemporary revisiting of the themes from the "Land of Britain" pavilions of the 1951 Festival. The 1951 "Land of Britain" described how the physical nature of our island, its resources and management had shaped our history and would inform our future. It placed the rural at the heart of national identity. Thematic sections on 'the country', 'the natural scene', and 'minerals of the islands' described a portrait of rural Britain at a moment of change.

The 2011 Land of Britain presented a partial portrait of rural Britain, a series of glimpses of the rural within a highly urban environment, installed and performed across the Southbank Centre. Through newly created work the artists and designers in Land celebrated the natural diversity of the British Isles and the wonder of our natural habitats. Land represented the craft and material resources which have shaped our landscape and economy, and the farmers who continue as producers and conservators. It honoured the campaigning movements which have fought for and won public access to the countryside.

Artists: Marcus Coates and Geoff Sample, Kathleen Herbert, Ben Kelly, Heather and Ivan Morison,

Client: Southbank Centre